About Us

Welcome to Music Source DFW!  We represent the areas top music professionals.  From our website you can browse acts/groups to book for your next event, find a professional music teacher, hire an arranger/composer for your next project or find a great musician to fill your needs.  We have decades of experience booking successfully for festivals, parties, cultural events, corporate events, local venues, restaurants and weddings. Call us now and book your next event.

This website is a re-branding of the old website (afmentertainment.net), which served as the talent catalog for the booking arm of the local.  Since the old website required hard coded pages that had to be created by office personnel and the members had to email us the relevant information/media, it had become outdated and did not serve its purpose well anymore.  This new website allows members to post their own pages for their various bands/acts, their teaching, composing/arranging, and skills as a sideman for hire.  Members can edit and delete their own posts, keeping the information up to date.

In the near future we plan to add a digital marketplace to the website for members to sell music related products in the digital domain (video, audio, sheet music, arrangements, etc).

Thank you for visiting.  If you have any questions/concerns about the website, you can contact Dana Sudborough (site creator and administrator): dana @ musiciansdfw.org (no spaces).